Peter Cincotti Interview

Hi my friends, I would like to share with you an audio extract from the interview I did a few days ago with the great Peter Cincotti  . You can hear the streaming audio interview on my profile simply clicking on the Music player. I’ve met Peter the day after his New Album “East Of Angel Town” Showcase in Milan (monday 24th Sept) at the Blue Note. We had a friendly chat, we talked about a lot of things (David Foster, Phil Ramone, love, happiness, life, his italian roots..) and we had some fun as you can hear. He also wanted a copy of my album to listen to. He’s a very talented musician but also a funny and special person. I’m happy to have met a guy like him. I recommend to all of you his new album, so different from his previous 2 albums, not a jazz one but  pop/rock one, but it’s so powerfull and emotional, that I liked it very much. I can’t post here the full interview that will be published on the Italian Jazz Magazinenext month. I hope you can understand. So I hope you’ll enjoy it. And I wish to Peter all the very best. God Bless you all,

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