Bublè talks about Matteo during a press conference

Michael Bublè Interview: Not So Irresponsible

Rome, April 19th, Call Me Irresponsible Press Conference and
Interview by Matteo Brancaleoni
Hi everybody,
finally for you the audio extract of the interview that Matteo did in Rome, during the ‘Call Me Irresponsible’ promotional tour, on April 19th, to the Italian Canadian singer Michael Bublè
You’ll hear that Matteo’s voice has been overdubbed later, ‘cause during the interview there was also the Italian translator’s voice, so we cut it for u, to hear only Michael’s answers. That’s why you’ll listen in the audio files some click and crackle sounds.
We divided the interview in 2 files, cause, the full interview is very long, maybe one of the longest you’ve ever heard.
In the interview Michael talks about the story of his new album, his duets, his feelings, his relation with David FosterBob Rock, his career as an actor,Tony BennettFiorello, his Canadian an Italian roots and as usual he shows his great entertainer abilities having lots of fun! you can also hear from his voice the kind words he said – during the Press Conference – on Matteo:  “Thank You Matteo, well coming from a great vocalist like u that’s very sweet and it means a lot to me ..my friend..”
You can listen to  the full interview here: (click on the links)

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